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Snyder, home of the fighting Tigers, TX, us
About me:
I enjoy enjoy long walks on the beach, quiet nights, soft jazz music, no wait that is not my bio, I am not gay. I like rock and roll, watching television on the couch, and of course women. Uh just kidding dear of course I only mean my wife but she is a woman. Oh yes, I enjoy listening to religious figures telling me who to ban and who not to ban at any given moment. Otherwise my decisions are totally random and based on a likelihood of future ills. You see I have a gift for the clairvoyant sort of like the spooky little girl on the 4400. Today Buddha is telling me to ban Cows or was that Muhammed?

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Life on the Lakefront

There really is a magic of Christmas, joys that are there for the taking. As a kid Christmas is the singe greatest moment of the year, with a year's happiness, compressed into a few hours or wonder...
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My Occupation

Lover, Fighter, Wild Bull Rider, Pretty Durn Fair Windmill Man, Fresno Hand, Go-Devil Operator, rowbinder mechanic extraordinaire, Professor of Higher Lurning, and All-Aound Nice Guy. Believe it or I'll have Bruno break your fingers.

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Delusions, reading, wasting time on discussion boards, eating parfaits, riding my little red wagon down a rocky hill with my favorite stuffed tiger. Banning people for doing essentially nothing that I have not done at least 4 million times, and developing psychological complexes.

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